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Me: Yeah, I'm still at school, and it's snowing right now...we're supposed to get a couple inches tonight.

My Mom: you have a way to get home?

Me: Nope, I'll probably end up staying on campus.

Mom: Do you have somewhere to sleep?

Me: Well, I can find somewhere outside where it's warm. The heaters usually give off a pretty good amount of heat, and I'm pretty sure I can find a bench near one so I don't have to lie down in the snow.

Mom: Are you going to be ok, outside like that?

Me: Yeah, I mean, I can just bundle up with the clothes I shouldn't be too bad.

Jared in the background, voice muffled: Mom! Don't listen to him! He's staying with me tonight in my apartment!

Mom: Who's that?

Me: Oh, it's just my friend Jared...he's goofing around.

Mom: Oh, ok. Well, stay warm. I'll ask the Lord to keep you safe and warm.

Me: Ok, thanks...I'll tell Mon to call you.

That's roughly how the conversation went last Thursday night...Mon's birthday, the same night where Little John and I pushed Jared's car in the snow. When I told Andrew about it Saturday night/Sunday morning, we laughed long and hard, then agreed that our mothers are definitely cut from the same cloth. While he was on vacation here, his mom was telling him not too long ago that his grandmother (her mom) was complaining about how long it took to rewind DVD's. The thing is, Andrew's mom was telling him this so he could offer advice to his grandmother on how to speed up the rewinding process. Hehehehe :)

Mon scolded me the next day. The night it snowed, I called her right after my conversation with mom, to let her know that mom was waiting for her call. Of course, mom told Mon that I was sleeping outside at school. Try as she might, Mon couldn't convince mom that I wasn't sleeping outside, and that I would definitely have someone that would grab me and put me on a couch, at the very least. I know, I know...I'm horrible. Mon said, "you're wasting a prayer warrior's prayers!" Dang it. She always says stuff like that to appeal to my conscience. Dave and I still get a good laugh from it, though :)

It would not be fair for Andrew and I to claim our mothers are far too much alike and only bring up those qualities which make us tease them. Other than a good, hearty laugh every now and again, we've both been blessed by them through their prayers. I've told people before that what makes me a little scared about my mother dying is not the fact that she'll be gone, it's that she won't be praying for me. I won't be able to call her and vent, I won't be able to hear her pray over me, I won't be able to hear her wisdom. My mom has an inner strength about her; sometimes, she's so ditzy, I wonder if she isn't really some blonde caucasian woman trapped in a Japanese woman's body. Yet, I'm awed at what God has brought her through. If Dr. Draper is "The Man That Not Even God Can Kill," (something like 4 heart attacks, a stroke or two, two bum knees, and more) then my mom is close behind. What amazes me is that she stopped living for herself long ago...she lives for the joy of serving God, and serving others. Living in a body so wracked by pain and weakness, and a mind constantly battling depression and doubt, her life isn't one that's "fun." Still, she delights in waking up each and morning and praying for her children. How she does it, I don't know. One thing I do know: she is blessed by the fact that her son now returns her prayers. I think Andrew's mom is much the same in that respect. Both our mothers find delight in knowing their prayers have borne fruit; beautiful, majestic, sweet fruit, rooted in soil tilled by their faithful supplication, watered by their tears, nourished through their love. Yes, our mothers are very much alike.

One other thing - my mom *really* likes Andrew. She's always baking a cake for used to be just for his birthday. Now it's just for whatever. Hmmm...I don't get a cake...maybe that's 'cause I'm always lying to her...hehehehe :)

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