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For a long while, Monica had been giving me a little heat for some circumstances a couple years ago involving myself and The Ex. Essentially, because the breakup had been very difficult and we both needed our space, I did the hard thing: I did my best to totally and utterly separate myself from her for a period of time. Understand, now, that all of our mutual friends understood this, and supported this decision. Also, understand that she, as much regard as I have for her, didn't exactly comply. Thus, I felt it necessary to take even more drastic measures than simply avoiding her, as I needed to "push" her away when she'd do a little not-so-subtle "stalking."

Anyway, back to Monica (and Dave, by association) giving me heat. Last night, Mon told me she finally understood, since one of her female friends is being emotionally dragged through the mud by her Ex. The details are long and winding, but suffice it to say that I feel the need to shoot someone's testicles to teach him a's that bad. The cool thing about it for me is that Mon truly did see my actions from a couple years ago as not only legitamate, but commendable. Dragging the ladies through the emotional muck and mire is NOT cool. Men are pigs; just 'cause we like to wallow in the mud doesn't mean we need to drag the ladies into it as well.

Alright, 'nuff of that stuff...there's only so much relational stuff I can handle for one post.

My phone is finally back online (at least until Sprint turns it off again...hehe). I spoke to several guys last night...Brian, Jeff, and Jon. It was amazing to talk to friends and realize once more that they're going to be friends for life. I'm really blessed; true friends are rare, yet it seems that God keeps pouring more and more richness into my life through them. Even the guys here will be close to me for life. You know, that's probably what makes being here not simply bearable, but *rich*. Thanks, guys, for all of your friendships. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me so.

posted by Bolo | 9:51 AM
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