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Being that this may be the very last post before Thanksgiving, I figured some giving of thanks is in order. Such a posting may be difficult, since I'm a little...well...punchy today. I want to do a little obnoxious yelling, but that's difficult because my lungs are still clearing themselves of phlegm. I want to smirk, but smirking only gets so far when no one else is here to be offended. I want to be silly and social, but I can only accomplish the silly part 'cause everyone else has left campus to go home for Thanksgiving. Thus, you get to feel the brunt of my silly giving of thanks :)

The first thing I'm thankful for is the fact that no matter how much my skin turns a greyish-pasty colour (yeah, I'm feeling British, too), I'll still be able to regain most of my tan within a span of a few hours. Alright. At this point, perhaps more than just a few. Still, I can praise God for my good melanin count!

On a more serious note, I'm thankful for being here in Kentucky. A year ago, I had no idea what life outside of Hawai'i would be like. A year later, I still have no idea what life outside of Hawai'i is like. Why is that, you say? Think about it. I'm in two different states almost every day, I've been in an additional five or six, and I'll definitely be adding to that number before all is said and done. Yet, I've been exposed to just a tiny fraction of the world's population, and a tiny fraction of the world's cultures. In a sense, my exposure has only made me more aware of my underexposure. That being said, I'm still thankful for being here in Kentucky. Of all the places I could be at this moment, this is exactly where God wants me. Not at home, not in some foreign country (yet), but right here where the weather sucks the brown out of me (as Kevin so aptly put it once upon a time), where I'm being grown and changed as God sees fit. For that, I'm thankful.

I'm also thankful for my siblings. My sisters, bless their hearts, have put up with me over the years...they whine about it a lot, but still, they've done it, and continue to do so...especially Monica (I think she's now making up for the time she couldn't put in while she was in school and in Japan...hehehe). As rude and crude as I am, I know I'd be far worse if I didn't grow up with five sisters to smack me back into place every now and again :) Lisa's the Alpha Female of the tribe...she's The Boss. It's funny, though, 'cause now she doesn't really boss me around. I'm one of the few people on the planet who can still smile at her in the midst of being yelled at by her :) Monica...she's the Middle Child of the family, even though she's second of seven. She provides much of the insight and provender I need in order to survive this melding of Southern and Yankee cultures known as Louisville. Mary's the Mom. Don't ever get her mad. Lisa's bark is louder than her bite, but Mary's bark is usually followed by her bite. Yeah...'nuff said. Steph...Steph has the distinction of looking the most like me. Poor girl. Malia...well...she'll call me just to tease me about the food everyone (except me) is eating. She keeps me humble, I suppose :) Of course, I cannot forget my brother in all of this. I think it was the time he spent in Denver that first made me realize how much he really did mean to me. He'd call me just to talk, and we'd spend hours on the phone, just the two of us, talking about everything and nothing all at once. He was going through some tough times, and he needed someone who would listen I did. I learned something through all of that, something I think he learned as well: as different as we are, we still know each other very well, because we're both cut from the same piece of cloth. Funny how that all works out. For that, I'm thankful.

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