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Post ETS

Woohoo! My nose and lungs are finally clearing up, my eyeballs are no longer in a state of perpetual burning, and it's snowing outside. Well, two out of three ain't bad, right? Not to mention, we're on a week long break here at school. That's right, no classes until next Monday. *Grin* My last memory of school was sitting here in the computer lab last week, furiously (that's the word I used to describe it to Mon...furiously) typing out my ten page, double-spaced book review. I cranked out eight full pages in an hour fifteen before I had to print it out and hand it in. I don't know whether I should be proud of the fact that I did eight in that time, disappointed that I didn't type as quickly as I could've, or ashamed that I didn't start on it sooner. At this point, I don't care...I haven't seen my grade on it, nor have I even taken the time to read through my paper. There may be horrendous errors in thought or typos I hadn't caught on the fly. *Shrug*...anyway, on to more important matters :)

Being at the ETS conference in Atlanta was cool, to a certain degree. If anything, the best part was being with people, and getting to know them. I told Royce that I just can't excited about meeting "big time" theologians like John Frame or J.P. Mooreland or William Lane Craig. In all honesty, I don't think I'd get all that excited about meeting anyone famous...not anymore, at least.

In a sense, it all boils down to this: those famous people are cool, but the impact they'll have on my life by my meeting them is minimal, at best. Don't get me wrong; I have been and will continue to be profoundly influenced and impacted by the work these great thinkers and lovers of God have done. But do you know what I covet and get excited over? Calling Andrew and hearing some Godly wisdom. Knowing I can ask Brian to pray for any thing at any time. Hearing Scott reassure me with God's word. Having Leonard call me just to talk. Those things, I treasure. Those things are going to impact me as much as reading Grudem's Systematic Theology. Why? Because my friends will spur me on to approach God with proper affections and right thinking, whether they know it or not. Without such friends, such theology would become bland very quickly. Theology for the sake of theology is dead. Theology for the sake of enjoying God? Much better! In other words, unless I'm going to enjoy God more because of it, I really don't care.

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