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Passion and compassion

A good friend of mine was given a warning once: be careful of what you're passionate in, because in the things you're most passionate about, you lack compassion. Although at the time it was said to him as an observation of his particular character, when I heard it I was struck by how easily that could apply to myself, to one degree or another. I've tossed that idea around a bit in my head today, and it's been a little sobering to see what's come forth. I've begun to wonder if, in my passion, I must be careful to strive to be equally compassionate. I think we have the ultimate example of this in Christ. Jesus, God in the flesh, was and is more passionate for the glory of God than any man that ever lived. Yet, despite the depth to which we mock that glory, Christ still sees compassion as the means to bringing us to a passion for His glory. It would do us well to remember this: be compassionate in our passion. Hehe...easier said than done :)

posted by Bolo | 9:52 PM
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