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Of Mice and Men

Forgive me, fair reader, for a rant is in order today. This has to do with the little computing device known affectionately as a "mouse," and its usage. I'm thinking of "Of Mice and Men" as being an appropriate title :)

I used to open up the mouseball compartment and clean the mouseball rollers inside the various mice I'd use at the computer lab, because if I didn't, I'd go nuts. My arrow would jump all over the screen, and I could *feel* the gunk stuck on the rollers going "gajunkgajunkgajunkgajunk" with every move of the mouse. Gah!

So you'd think it'd be a godsend when the school replaced those old-fashioned, low-tech mouseball mice with the newfangled, high-tech optical mice. Yeah. God sent 'em all right. So that I'd learn PATIENCE. Do these young whippersnapper mice give a smooth, bump free motion across the screen? Nope. Do they flawlessly respond to every subtle movement of my extensively trained wrist, hand, and fingers? NOPE. Do they get stuck on a pixel at the least opportune moment, or, with an agility befitting Barry Sanders, dodge out of the way of the big X in the upper right hand corner when I want to close a window? ABSOLUTELY! I swear, I'd be giving the darn thing the stink eye if I didn't think the laser would gouge my cornea out. At least the good 'ol mouseball never did THAT. So what if I have to clean it out every week? I'll take that ornery, rickety, grungy old mouse any day over this thing. At least I could look it in the*cough*

posted by Bolo | 10:25 AM
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