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You always hear about how the Western Media doesn't give you the truth. It's one of those things that has been, on the lighter side, mocked and parodied, while on the deeper end, tsk tsked and lamented as one of those peculiarities to which our society decidedly adheres without a second thought. We like our truth shaded juuuust so, we enjoy our Tom Brokaws and Dan Rathers telling us in their oh-so-real voices of concern that they hope everything will be alright.

Now, before I start sounding too cynical, let me tell you from whence this stream of thought comes.

Yesterday, I was taught a few things. I learned some things about the beliefs of Muslims, and what I was taught leaves me saddened and pained. Dr. Ergun Caner, Professor of Theology and History at Liberty University has been on our campus this past week. What makes him so special? Simply this. How many Christians do you know of that were former Muslims? Of that, how many were actually born and raised in a Muslim country? And of those, how many were the equivalent of Islamic PK's (preacher's/pastor's kids)? Until several days ago, my own answer to that would have been exactly zero.

What sets Dr. Caner apart is the vast and almost innate knowledge he wields of Islam. The image of Islam that he paints is vastly different than that which we are taught in America. How often has the media told us that Islam, when practiced rightly, is peaceful and does not condone violence? How often have we had it poured down our throats that those extremists who strap bombs to themselves are not to be considered "true" or "normal" Muslims, but crazed fanatics who are devout to a fault? Bleh. In its truest form, Islam is far more violent, far more virulent than we would are led to believe, or for that matter, even want to believe.

I won't go into too much detail concerning Islam other than what I've already said, simply because Dr. Caner says it far better than I ever could. He speaks with passion, detailing the truth of Islam. He speaks with authority, having been intimately acquainted not only with its beliefs, but its rabidness. And when he speaks, I find myself stirred as I rarely am. As he speaks of his "kinsman according to the flesh," I look into my heart, and I see a desire to tear away the lies they believe in. I have misunderstood them. They have misunderstood me. The horrible thing is, their misunderstanding is not rooted in the distortion of another culture, but in a distortion of God Himself. How can I possibly hate them? They are passionate for what they believe in, despite that belief being a terrible lie. I can only hope that as Christians, we would likewise become passionate for the truth. How horrible to let them live a lie...who will tell them of the truth?

Part of Dr. Caner's story can be found here

posted by Bolo | 3:44 PM
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