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So...I'm at the annual ETS conference being held in Atlanta this year. I'm sick, I'm tired, and I've got tons of...ummm..."issues" deal with. Some of you know of one of these issues, which I won't go into here (laugh at me all you want, those of you who know), but let's just say that God is definitely growing me, in ways I'm not always looking forward to. *Sigh*...

That said, being here has been cool. Geeky-cool, mind you. Some guys get excited over meeting their sports heroes, others get excited about meeting Wayne Grudem, Doug Moo, or Roger Nicole. If you know who these guys are, you should be worried ;) Most of the stuff said isn't necessarily over my head, but to be perfectly honest, I can get pretty bored with it pretty quick. My mind simply doesn't work that way, and I think I have to learn to be ok with that. That's not always the easiest thing, but I realize that God makes us all in ways that reflect some part of His creation.

One last note before I go, because this silly posting is actually costing me MONEY. Dr. Mohler spoke on the loss of awareness of Hell yesterday in the modern world. He quoted someone, and if I have time later, I'll look it up. Essentially, it went something like this: We have, over time, turned the air conditioner on in hell. In doing so, it seems that we've made hell much more inviting for people. To preach fire and brimstone may not be popular, but it's the truth. Sometimes, it must hurt.

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