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Already perfect

The cafeteria was semi-filled with the lunchtime crowd. I'd finished eating my tortilla wrap, Jonathan his Blue Plate Special. I had just told him that my life had been filled with growth lately, and that although the growth hadn't been easy, God had been amazing me in what He's been doing in and through my heart. Before he went to refill his coffee, he said that he had a thought for me. I pondered what that thought might be as I watched him make his way through the cafeteria, greeting the various people he saw. When he got back, I was in for a pleasant surprise. His advice? Simple, yet needed. "Don't forget to apply the appropriate theology to that growth." A typical seminary egghead bit of advice, eh? Not really :) What he meant by that is this: I must continually force myself to realize that although I may be going through the process of growth and sanctification, I'm already perfect, already justified, and there's nothing I can do to improve. Nothing. Think about that. There's *nothing* we can do to improve our worth in God's eyes, nothing to gain value. God has already bestowed Christ's righteousness upon us, already declared us pure and holy in His eyes, already given us sonship. We're His children, His beloved children; what good father would require his baby to prove its worth before he loves it? None. A father loves his child because it is that: his child. So in one sense, growth and sanctification could be considered an ever greater awareness of our perfection and sonship in Christ. What a relief :)

On another note, happy birthday, Garcia...I pray it was a good one.

posted by Bolo | 2:50 PM
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