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school time...blues?

Never was there a time where I remember being *this* excited about school. Wait. Scratch that. There was *never* a time where I was excited about school. Period. Sure, there was the back to school excitement...seeing friends I hadn't seen all summer, the breathless anticipation of seeing which teacher I had, and seeing just how much I'd be able to get away with in each class. That was silly excitement, though, prone to die off quickly and without much pomp or fanfare, replaced by the promise of each new holiday on the calendar. So in a very real sense, that excitement just doesn't cut it.

Until now. This excitement runs deep. Ironic as it sounds, this excitement is deep for a simple reason: it's rooted in joy, God's deep and overflowing joy. I think I realized that just now, as I type this. The joy of being in school isn't simply because I'm in school, but because I'm exactly where God wants me, learning and growing in a fashion I'll never be able to reproduce. Sure, there'll be tons of learning and growing down the road, but right now, it's coming in a pure form, and there's no lack. How sweet it is :)

A few quick shouts to some folks who deserved it yesterday and today: Andrew...older and wiser...Scott...younger but older looking...and Britton, for hookin' up the Louisville Crew with some sweet, sweet, sweet video of OneDay03.

posted by Bolo | 9:53 AM
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