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For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. Nothing but Christ crucified...

Dr. Akin spoke to us in Boyce Chapel last week; it's a sermon I pray I never forget. He spoke of the dangers of loving our system of theology more than we love Christ. There are a lot of Calvinists on campus, and a lot of us wear our Calvin Club badges proudly. Nothing but the cross...

Last night, a bunch of us sat around and brainstormed. We pondered what the first thing would be that we'd do as pastor of a church. Preach? Get to know the congregation? Get to know the community? In the end, we were reminded of One thing, One duty that we *must* get right, because we wouldn't get anything else right if we didn't get the first One right: to know Christ, and Him crucified. Nothing but the cross, and the Son of God crucified upon it...

How does one come to grips with the reason for leaving friends and family to go to a strange land thousands of miles away, to live there and seek for that which he does not know, and to do so wondering all the while if he shall ever find? How does one continue when his brother is a murderer on death row, and all that he believes just doesn't seem to be enough to get him through the night without having to fight back demons he can't see? What does one do when her brother has attempted suicide, and her sister is a drug addict and a thief who neglects her own daughter and steals from her own family? For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

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