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As I spoke with several people today, one theme continually arose to the surface and exposed itself to scrutiny: tension. The more I ponder it, the more I find it to be tantalyzing. This tension I'm thinking of is one that, despite its abundance of obstacles, still bears forth the beautiful fruit of surrender. Such a tension comes from painstakingly adding bits and pieces to the plates of our lives, until it seems that one tiny, unforseen shift would suddenly send all the pieces crashing to the floor. It's almost as if God is playing Jenga with our lives, moving things to create an ever greater tension, with the inevitable crash but moments away. That's how life feels right now. A new job, an internship with the youth ministry at church, meetings, events, and that little thing called studying all contribute to this tension. Move one thing or add one thing, and they all may fall, breaking the precarious balance. Yet, early on in the semester, God reminded me of something vitally important, something vital to dealing with this tension: He's in control. It's absurdly simple, but so true. I can't control the things that He'll bring my way, but it is my responsibility to trust Him to provide along the path He puts me on. It's my responsibility to turn toward Him as I read His word and lift up prayers unto Him. It's my responsibility to realize that I'm frail and prone to flight, unable to handle the frights that come my way. It's my responsibility to surrender to His working in and through and around me, and to rejoice in Him as He does so.

I'm learning that tension isn't such a bad thing. At least, it's not bad until we take it on ourselves to handle it. When we're trusting God along the way, however, it can be a sweet delight, much like the tension one feels when sliding down the face of a glassy wave - one wrong weight shift and you could hit reef, but if your board holds you're in for an amazing ride. The fruit of surrender is sweet indeed.

posted by Bolo | 6:25 PM
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