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This is going to be one of those rare double postings...the second post for the day. So if you're reading this one, look below, too, 'cause there's another one...

Last Friday night, we began to gather. The name was Focus. Its intent? To focus the lens of our hearts. It was to be Boyce College's first ever night of prayer and fasting, going from Midnight until 7 am, Saturday morning. We were supposed to be fasting from sleep, though most of us fasted from food as well. All told, there were over 60 of us who made the pilgrimage to sit before the Lord, to come into His holy presence and subject our hearts to His searching. Jim opened us up with about an hour of scripture reading and meditation, with the scriptures focusing on holiness, repentance, humility, mourning, weeping...for some of us, God came in and tore us open.

Over the course of the night we would pray in groups, we'd worship the Lord in song, and we'd go outside and walk around campus to pray for our school and community. At the outset of the first prayer walk, we felt fresh and energized. By the time the second rolled around, we were tired and hungry, not to mention that I was freezing my little brown butt off. Scott and I went off by ourselves, and we quickly realized that our prayers would have to be short and hopefully not too stupid, 'cause we simply weren't very intelligent-sounding at 5 am :) God was gracious, though, and one thing we learned over the course of our hour-long prayer walk was that we could want to just get the whole thing over with so we could get to bed, but then we'd be missing the whole point of our fast from sleep. God put it on our hearts to finish well, to truly desire to want more of Him and His fullness. I think it safe to say that we did that :)

The dawn came, and with it the end of our time. It wasn't as if we walked out of Boyce Chapel with some holy glow like Moses, but we did know that God had heard our prayers, and even as our eyes finally forced themselves shut, we knew that a spirit of unity borne only of our adoption in Christ had knit us closer to our Father and each other.

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