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Random: Today I watched three movies at work, 'cause we were pretty much rained out in the morning. Big, with Tom Hanks, Minority Report, and The Three Musketeers with Chris O'donnell, Kiefer Sutherland, and Charlie Sheen. Not bad for one day :) Yesterday I watched a bit of A Knight's of my favorites. Paul Bettany as Chaucer...brilliant!

Been thinking a lot about youth ministry...a *lot*. I told my brother yesterday that I've been itching for it. I say if it itches, scratch it. I don't quite understand why this particular "ministry" would get to me like this, though I've long since decided that people who do youth ministry are insane, and they're either born to do it or not. I'm definitely a product of insane, youth-ministry types who don't acknowledge their own limits, only God's.

When I think about the people who understand me well, most of them are people who loved me even when I didn't return their love. Perhaps, in their own wisdom, they knew that such unrequited love would one day bear fruit, and that the eventual returns would far outweigh the trials upon their patience; perhaps they didn't know. In any event, my far older (and wiser) friends have given me many, many reasons to be patient with those kids who don't yet realize how much they are loved...or maybe they do realize they're loved, but just can't accept it. I think upon that, and a new layer of understanding descends: God loves us in that way, too. Thanks, God...

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