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I was reading through the first section of Philippians yesterday, and stopped a little at verse six. Paul says, "for I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." We've heard this one preached to us...sung the song...even rejoiced at the truth that's presented there. But why? Why would Paul have reason to be so darn confident in God working through us? To what purpose would God allow us to struggle through this world, and yet let us experience His goodness through our sanctification?

I guess I'm asking this because I myself am not sure of the answer. I find that in my journey, I'm constantly looking to see if I've "arrived" yet. I find that I'm always looking to see if a certain level of holiness is being fleshed out. The problem is, I'm beginning to wonder if that's what God wants. Don't get me wrong here; I do realize that God does call us to be holy. What my noggin is pondering is if I'm putting *my* personal holiness before *God's* holiness. Catch my drift? Hidden within verse six is the implication that we'll never reach that certain level of perfection, right alongside the promise that God will continue to work us toward that level. Humbling? Yeah, it sure is.

This morning I read through a bit of one of my old journals. After getting over my lack of discipline in journaling, I realized something - that verse six really is true. No matter how much I've stumbled, He's never failed to pick me up. No matter how much I yearned to be rid of my old self, there's always more of me to be rid of. Despite all this, He's still the same God...beautiful, holy, glorious...who makes a way for us to adore Him.

posted by Bolo | 2:19 PM
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