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This little light of mine...

"This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine..." In my state of semi-wakefulness this morning, that song came to mind. Actually, that one line came to mind...I don't really know any of the others. I thought about letting my "little light" shine. What I'm pondering is this: are we really little lights, or mirrors?

Christmas tree lights...those are little lights. When I think about letting my little light shine, the endless spaghetti strands of Christmas lights pops into mind. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, is that what we become like? One little Christmas light, shining all the light that we can generate from our bit of glass-encased filament. Or, are we like mirrors? A mirror, left to its own, will not generate a single bit of light. Now, you may argue that a little Christmas light doesn't generate light, needs to be plugged in, and it must be turned on. But this is MY analogy dangit, so I'll take it where I want to...ssssshhhh!

Where was I? Oh yes...the mirror. If our souls are like mirrors, then we are dirty, smudge-ridden and covered with gunk. We must be cleaned, first by removing the big chunks, then being wiped and polished. Only after the grime is removed can we shine as we are created to - but even that light comes from God. We only reflect that which He shines, and thus, we can shine as brightly as He does, yet being small, tiny mirrors, we don't shine as largely as He does. Of course, we're prone to getting dirty again...that would mean that we'd need more cleaning, so as to shine once more. I think I like that better than a little Christmas light. Christmas lights are fun as heck to put up, though :)

I read this on today, concerning the San Francisco Giants: "They're 16-5 in one-run games, 5-1 in extra innings and 13-3 in games decided in the last at-bat. Of course, at 61-37 overall, they're not too shaky in the rest of them, either." Actually, they're now 63-37, and on a six-game win streak...go Giants!

posted by Bolo | 3:13 PM
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