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shepherds adore

An interesting experience unfolded before me last night. I'd gone to Barnes & Noble to do some reading, but I ended up talking on the phone for a few hours. Hmmm...seems like a recurring theme lately. The conversations I had with both Andrew and Brian have me thinking about a lot of in friendship, the way that God works in our lives, and the path that God has the three of us on. Talking with Andrew, in particular, has rocked me hard, but in a great way.

One thought that's sprung from talking with him is the notion that God allows us to come and adore Him. The song "O Come Let Us Adore Him" sounded like a clarion call within me last night and this morning, and now I ponder just how it is that God beckons us to come and adore. Imagine being one of those shepherds to whom the angel proclaimed Jesus' birth. Sitting outside Jerusalem, the starry sky and smelly sheep for company, suddenly you are being told that the Messiah is come, and you are invited to come and adore Him. It's amazing that Jesus would come at all; but to know that from the beginning, He was inviting us to come and know So this morning, I wrote the following...maybe it's done, maybe it's not...we'll see.


Oh come, let us adore You

We, wretched and writhing

Unworthy and unwilling

But boldly brought near

By blood

Priceless, in propitiation

In grace

In mercy

In love

Wholly Man, Wholly God

Holy Man, Holy God

My soul's sweetest satisfaction

Unyielding, unending, unfathomable

Oh come, let us adore You!

posted by Bolo | 5:33 PM
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