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Random: Is it just me, or is it slightly odd to see a guy behind the wheel of a company car belonging to Today's Woman magazine?

There's a helpless sort of feeling when people you care about are facing decisions, but are truly torn as to what to do, and no decision is really the right one, until God makes it clear that it is so. *Sigh*...lately I've felt that helplessness very keenly, both for others and for myself.

Someone wrote me recently and said that I seem to be confident in God's perfection, despite all of life's turbulent ways. It's sort of ironic; I know that God is perfect, yes, but how does that relate to me? Am I going to be smitten down? Does He still care? I guess it's because my own concept of perfection is just that: my own. In my own mind, perfect beings are far off and removed from me, unable or unwilling to touch my dirty life. It's hard for me to wake up in the morning and believe that God is who He says He is. It's hard for me to hear Him, to hear that He's there, holy and just, and loves me still, despite my constant failure. Oswald Chambers said that God wants us to unlearn something in our trials. That's a good thing, because the more I learn to live with myself and unravel what I think about God and His creation, the more I learn that I'm a big fat liar :)

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