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Been thinking about that post from earlier today, and wanted to add a few thoughts to it. As the light vs. mirror ponderings played itself out in my pate, I remembered some other explanations as to how God shines through us, with the operative term this time around being "through". With the mirror, we can only reflect God; ideally, I would think that there would be less of us, and more of Him...therefore, having a fully perfect image would be the idea. After all, is that not what God the Son is, the fully perfect image of God the father? And like I said in the previous post: being that we're tiny, our reflection of God would be would be finite.

But then I began thinking about how God not only shines upon us, and into us, but *through* us. Experiencing God is not a passive thing, where we become stoic vessels of light; quite the contrary! As He shines upon us, He casts away the darkness, and we are drawn to Him. As He shines into us, He changes us, and casts out the darkness we hide. As He shines through us, others are drawn to Him, and so He shines forth through them as well, blessing others in turn.

I remember sitting on the wall at Kewalo's once, sick, both literally and figuratively, because I could not surf that day. I watched the people going out, jumping into the water, venturing off into the salty water. It was sometime in the afternoon, because I looked above the horizon, and saw the sun pierce through the clouds. Although I'd seen a similar sight many times, I took more time to enjoy what I'd often seen from within the water. I sat there, and for some reason, I seemed to see more that day than I had before. The interaction that took place between sunlight and cloud rendered an incredible change upon both the individual shafts of sunlight and every bit of cloud, down to the tiniest tendril. Each took on a nature entirely different than had my eyes beheld it without such a glorious interaction. I sat there for some time, watching the changes in color and intensity as the sun went down and the clouds were broken and reformed by the tradewinds. That day, I thought about how much like the sunlight God is when He shines through us, shining through our flaws as sunlight does the clouds, intermingling with us and making us more beautiful than we would ever be on our own. He, in turn, becomes more visible, and we finally begin to see and understand how glorious He is.

posted by Bolo | 7:41 PM
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