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When I was talking to Kev last weekend, our conversation was spent talking about how stupid we are. The stupidity we spoke of was not of the intellectual sort, but rather the type of stupidity that continually causes us tremendous amounts of grief and leaves us saying, "Hoo cuz, das dumb!" (Caucasian translation: "Alas! I find myself in a horrid situation of mine own design!") Now, I won't speak for Kev, but I know I'm a pretty dumb guy sometimes. I'm sure some of you would confirm that for me, if given half a chance ;)

Thinking about my utter foolishness brought to mind the countless ways God has made known His faithfulness to me, especially when looking back over the past several years. More than once, I've fallen flat on my face and not wanted to get up. At times, it seemed my every naked flaw was exposed to the masses. At other times, it seemed nobody cared to see that I'd fallen, and was hurting. Sometimes, I just wanted to run and hide, to clothe myself in whatever security I could find. Sometimes, I wished I could share my pain with someone...anyone. Often, during those times of paralyzing failure, God would whisper, "Keep going...don't stop!" Would I listen? Sometimes. Sometimes not. What I'm slowly beginning to realize now is that even though I would sometimes stop, God never did. He was and is faithful, even though I am not. I suppose knowing that makes it easier to keep going, even though I'd like to stop.

posted by Bolo | 4:47 PM
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