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Woohoo! It's Friday the 13th! *John wiggles his fingers at you and makes a silly face* K. 'Nuff of that mature behavior already ;)

It's been pretty much the same 'ol same 'ol around here. Sleep, workout, work, sleep, workout, work, get the picture. I've been thinking about that recently, at least in terms of life being the same old routine. This summer, it'll be very much routine, as there's not a whole lot to get excited over around here...I used up my excitement quota for the summer in May. Oh, but what a May it was!!! Three weeks at home, during which I nearly decked half my friends for telling me I looked white even though I was still twenty shades darker than they were from the moment I stepped off the plane. Well, I didn't mean that. The decking part, that is. The twenty times darker part? I meant that :) Anyway, I'm getting off the subject. The routine thing really shouldn't be "routine." Last night, I was pondering The Seen vs. The Unseen. My senses and my emotions tell me that life is boring for me right now. Truth be told, I believe that most of the time. But then every now and again, I get this reminder that what I'm seeing through my own eyes and what I'm feeling with my fallible human emotions is not only temporary, but also so far off of and so much less than what the truth really is. You know what the cool thing is? If I stop and listen to that reminder, I get this tiny glimpse of what I normally don't see...and that glimpse is enough to make me grin like a fool. The question I then must ask myself is, "is this day really routine and boring, or is it a day that God has made?" 'Cause if it's a day that God has made, then it's a day to rejoice and be glad in...God doesn't make boring days.

Hey, you two monkeys in Seattle...behave yourselves, would you? And Boss, don't forget yo liquid shugah!

posted by Bolo | 4:13 PM
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