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I had several great conversations with various people over the course of the weekend. What struck me before the drool began to flow last night is that the past two to three years have gone by in a veritable blur, and it's causing deep appreciation for this journey called Life.

Talking to Jon brought back a flood of memories...especially since life has changed so much for his family these past couple of years. If I close my eyes, I can see their house up on Aiea Heights. Jon and Amy were the ones who actually paid the rent, but it seemed like so many of us lived there with them. When we were all in youth ministry, we learned to do ministry together. After most of us left youth staff, we learned to hang out together. When we hung out together, we learned that we really did love each other. Today, it's bittersweet to think about that house; it stands there up on the hill, rented out by someone else, someone that doesn't realize just what it means. It means laughter, it means tears, it means memories that will echo for long after they move on to pay rent somewhere else. I remember telling Jon that when we helped them move, it was like we were all moving out with them. That day we did the garage sale, you could hear us saying, "oh, remember when...?" over and over again.

Now that I think about it, I don't think I have to close my eyes to see it; I can see it right now. I can see the spot down on the road where we sat when he told me he and Amy were leaving. I can see myself sitting at the table when they told us they were gonna have a baby. Twin girls, they later found out :) I can see the high school boys wrestling on the floor, and can hear Amy telling them to stop. I can see the time a bunch of us raided the girl's sleepover, and we turned off the electricity. Oh, right, that was more than just one time ;) I can see Jeff and Andrew and myself...eating...we made sure to let the girls go first, lest Amy scold us for that, as well :) I can see Andy in the kitchen, making coffee, Im laughing with Jenn, and Lisa crashed out on the floor. Inevitably, I'd sneak outside to talk to You, Lord. The moon and stars always did look better from up there, outside that house in Aiea Heights. Yeah, there's a lot I can see now...and it's not such a blur anymore.

posted by Bolo | 4:35 PM
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