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Alrighty then! The house is now empty, except for me myself and I. All three of the Merrifields are gone, with Dave and Mon off to Kansas, and Jon back home to Vermont. It's quite serene...I feel very much the Man of the House :)

My shins have been bugging me as of late...whenever I play basketball, they seem to hurt a little. Gah...shin splints? Stress fracture? I'm hoping it's the former. Stress fractures aren't good.

Been reading a series by Sara Douglass...fantasy stuff, but it's actually quite good. It's sucked up a lot of my time, which is a good thing during the summer. Surprisingly, the series continues to build, even though I've already gone halfway through the third and last least, I think it's the last book. As my good buddy Jack put it, it's "masterful storytelling!" Very, very rare...

Oh, speaking of which, I'm in need of reading material, so gimme a buzz if there's anything I should be reading. Mystery, fantasy, historical, biographical, humorous, theological...whatever.

posted by Bolo | 12:33 PM
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