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Whew! I've made it back to the Continent safely, and even though my body is timezoned-out, I'm happy to be back. I'm actually on campus right now, and I'm taking care of the last minute details of our trip down to OneDay03 in Texas. I'm hoping that God blows me away down's so easy to put Him into a little box, and even when I think that box is huge, it's not, 'cause it's still a box, and that puts a limit on God. Silly humans :)

People back at school are looking at me a little funny...they don't quite realize I'm back to my normal skin tone right now :) I'm hoping that somehow the sun will make itself known this summer, and my color will last. *Shrug*'s probably a losing battle, but one can hope!

I had a great conversation with Kev yesterday. One of the things that popped into my head in the midst of our conversation was how even when we're down, even when we're struggling and feeling so far from God, sometimes the Holy Spirit will move in our dead hearts and cause profound truths to be spoken through us. I told Kev it's kind of like going doo doo and then looking down at that turd floating there, and seeing a diamond peeking out of that brown log. What sprung that thought was a little story I'd heard about Billy Graham about a month ago. He was in a prayer meeting with some of his staff members, and he told them that he believed that some of them would be in for greater rewards in heaven than he himself. Of course, some of them laughed at the was Dr. Billy Graham! But Dr. Graham was serious, and told them that God rewards faithfulness, not fruitfulness. That's stuck with me since I heard it, and having had a trip home that felt fruitless, I needed the reminder that even when we fail, it's not how we look when we get up that counts, it's that we get up. Kev knew exactly what I was talking about, 'cause we both feel utterly stupid at there's no direction in where we're going, even though we know that God wants us to be exactly where we are. Hmmm...

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