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There should be a warning before the preface of a book when the preface ends up giving away the end. Isn't that ironic? That that which comes before the story details the end of the story? Gah! Such was the case when I found out that in The Mysterious Island, Captain Nemo is the one behind all the mysterious happenings. Yes, Captain Nemo of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea fame. And yes, I realize that I just did what I'm venting about. Hehe :)

I had this really strange dream last night about my phone suddenly coming back to life. I was so full of hope, so happy! But then I realized I had to pee. Reality...*shrug*.

This is going to sound horrible, but perhaps one of the most lasting memories from OneDay will be the morning after the strom. We watched people as they tried to navigate through the muddy area strategically located near the porta-potty's, showers, and entrance to the red camping area. One girl slipped twice, right after her shower. Too bad I didn't see it in person. Actually, it's probably a good thing. I've been known to celebrate such happenings with a little too much exuberance ;)

The David Crowder Band is releasing a new album in September. Woohoo! It would be roughly a year and a half from their previous release, if that September date holds true. Yippy skippy!

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