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I sometimes wonder why the heck in the world I'm here in Kentucky. Less now than a month ago. It's like God hides all the good things that are to come in order for me to really, truly, trust Him. I think I've had to come to God on my knees more often in the time I've been here than almost any two and a half month period before. Well, I don't know how true that is, but it seems that God's been communicating that to me much more clearly than ever before. Or, maybe it's because I'm here, and not home, that I can hear with clarity.

It's a strange thing to be found exactly in the middle of His will, yet not knowing why you're there. If I wonder and I complain, it's only because I feel I need to be honest with God. I remember one morning last month, or maybe this month, I told God, "I hate you!" I know I didn't mean it, but in my heart, it translated to, "I hate where You've brought me! Leave me alone already! No, wait, don't leave me...I won't have anything left if You do..."

posted by Bolo | 9:31 AM
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