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Thoughts on Unclehood

At one point not so long ago, I said that the coolest thing in the world would be to have my nieces and nephews visit me at school for a week. While I still think that'd be amazingly cool, it's easy to forget that euphoric hope when I'm saturated with their presence here at home. I listen to them whine, watch them disobey, and beat down my instinctive desire to put them into straightjackets.

Aaahhh, the pleasures of unclehood!

Tonight, as I played Scrabble with the rugrats, I was reminded that a lot of the little things I do, things that include ignoring a headache in order to spend time with the kiddies, are all far more meaningful than I realize. The time I spend with them now will become memories that I carry with me thousands of miles away, memories that will carry me through late, overnight shifts at work, frustrating sessions in the library, or long road trips that seem to lead nowhere. I was also reminded of the ways that so many others have poured into me, spending time with a younger version of myself when I'm sure that their time could have been spent doing things far more enjoyable.

I'll miss the kids when I leave. I already hate the fact that I feel as though I've missed so much of their lives. I don't like the idea that Kavin will only have his Uncle Johnny around for another week or so, and then he'll likely forget me once more. Until then, however, I'll do my best to guard against that.

posted by Bolo | 2:55 AM
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