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'Cause even grannies gotta go go go!

More often than not, the continual utterance of the word "cool" is an indication of one of several things on the part of the utterer. First, the lack of sufficient intellect and, as a result, verbal variance. Second, the probability of a foreign origin and, therefore, English being spoken as a second language (those from the South, despite their obvious ESL qualifications, are not included in this categorization, as their linguistic malady is more easily identified by turning monosyllabic words into multisyllabic mysteries). Third, the presence of a surfer-wannabe, identified by the accompaniment of the word, "dude," in the aforementioned mantric utterance. Fourth, the cognizant awareness, despite all expenditures in the effort to negate this necessity, that there is no word quite so apt or pure in the employ of the speaker to convey a level of wonder and grandeur. I claim this fourth as my reason for saying naught but "cool" as I stared at this.

Hmmm...the things my mother would say...

With the amount of time I spend on the web, you'd think I'd be a little more observant, but I'm not.

posted by Bolo | 8:52 PM
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