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The Misses

I miss having my dad give me hard time about being late to pick him up...for about the hundredth time. I miss pidgin. I miss having Jon call me at 10:30 at night, knowing full well that he could get me to do pretty much whatever he wanted at that hour, even if that was to drive out to Aiea and help him move a couch from storage. I miss Boss reading Musician's Friend across from me at the 'Bucks. I miss tying my nephews into human pretzels and holding them down while they mumble at me, "Uncle Johnny, I can't breathe!" I miss giving Garcia grief for being a slacker. I miss eating at Gina's. And Young's. And Mitsuken's. And Liliha Bakery. And Rainbow's. And Zippy's. I miss the 509, and all the randomness that went with it: Andy's morning showers, Spike and Shanghai, the Monopoly Man episode, Max, the bird Goose shot, and the times I skipped out on work 'cause we gamed too much. I miss sunsets while surfing. I miss UH baseball games. I miss having Gary call when I was late for church. I miss hamachi sashimi. I miss Christmas weather: the high 60's, low 70's. I miss playing volleyball on grass. I miss having my sisters scold me in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. I miss 105.1. I miss talking about doing a dawn patrol with Boss and 'Drew, and Boss asking, "So what time...ten o'clock?" I miss sitting there, playing games with my family after Thanksgiving lunch and dinner, and having Leonard look toward the kitchen at the same I do, the two of us mumbling in unison, "Hmmmm...I'm getting kinda hungry." I miss hearing Sarah burp. I miss taking the rugrats to Starbucks. I miss shakas. I miss riding shotgun with 'Drew and waving to the old folks at the bus stops, just for kicks; the old folks were always happy and waved back. I miss giving Kawamura a hard time about sharks and birds. I miss teasing all of my friends who went to private schools, but especially the ones that went to Punahou. I miss Kewalo's. I miss telling Kayla and Kyle to hurry up and open their fifty Christmas Presents, since Uncle Johnny doesn't want to feel like a total loser and exhaust the fun of opening all four of his gifts before they even reached present number twenty. I miss seeing Lun go nutso over even slightly overcooked meat. I miss singing Christmas Carols in Kailua. I miss...*sigh*...a lot.

posted by Bolo | 12:56 AM
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