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Chicago: Decisions

Here's what I've decided after spending two days here in Chi-town:

I love Chicago, but I love Michigan Avenue even more. Wow. Amazing. I could walk...and walk...and walk for a long, long time and not get bored. I could spend a week just taking pictures, and not even get beyond what I've seen today.

Trey likes to talk to some girl named Ashley. A lot. For long lengths of time. I don't get it.

Ok, I lied; I totally get it.

The Sears Tower is really really tall.

People dress with far better taste and greater attention to detail here than they do in the 'Ville, no doubt about it. The sloppily-dressed man was far outnumbered by the nattily-dressed man as we walked around downtown Chicago. A pleasant surprise, that.

Trey snores.

I have video evidence that Trey snores.


Heidi Marlene and Erin have a mom that will feed Trey and me lunch tomorrow. I like that very much, and Heidi Marlene is quite jealous of our little meal to be had in her house :) Apple cobbler awaits!

Navy. Blue. Pinstripes. Heritage. Collection. Hotness.

Is it at all possible that we won't get lost driving back from our fair tomorrow? It's supposed to be only seven minutes away from our hotel, but our track record leaves much to be desired. Much.

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