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Scott and I found ourselves at a Louisville Bats game tonight. It's my fourth summer here, but surprisingly enough, this was the first Bats game I've ever attended. Mrs. O'Neal was supposed to join us, but, well, she was a little afraid of the fact that her hometown Columbus Clippers would get their collective booty kicked all over the diamond.

Her fears were unfounded.

As you can see from the pics below, Mr. O'Neal and I denounced the Bats play as somewhat lacking, and the final score supported our theorem. The one baseball-related highlight was the fact that I got to see the Sardinha brothers, Dane and Bronson, play against one another. When I saw Dane warming up in front of the Bats dugout before the game, I was ecstatic. When I found out Bronson was in the lineup for the Clippers, I started giving Scott a running commentary on how the Sardinha brothers were nearly legendary when I was in school.

Yes, Mrs. O'Neal, I'm referring to that era way back prior the Barenaked Ladies releasing Stunt.

Anyway. The fact that not just one but two Hawaiians were playing in the game made me quite happy. Dane couldn't hit worth beans, but he showed he's still got a rifle for an arm, gunning down three Clippers trying to steal second. And Bronson? I tried not to show too much enthusiasm when he was up at the plate, but he still looked good in his at-bats.

"Eh, Hawaiian!"

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