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The past couple of days at home have been doozies. Yesterday, we went up to the North Shore, where the waves were flat. Yes, they were flat. Yes, on that North Shore. It's the summer season, and during the summer, the monster swells that descend upon O'ahu's famed country breaks just disappear. Nevertheless, the three of us, Andrew, Will, and I, had a blast chillin' out in the country. Aoki's shave ice with azuki beans and ice cream helped to send us off in true Hale'iwa fashion :)

The night before then, I went with some of my family to eat at Osake's. Oh. My. Goodness. Sushi as I won't get it in Kentucky, that's for sure. The evening was captured best when our waitress came by to take away some of the empty plates, one of which still had a few small bites of sushi left on it. Leonard told her she could take it away, then glanced over at me and saw my look of utter consternation. He then told her that the dude smacking his lips over in the corner (me) might not be finished, offering her the excuse that I just flew in from Kentucky. Needless to say, those few bites were gone very quickly. *Sigh*...buggah was ono, for real kine broke da mout! My opu was small kine bomboocha :) Thanks, Len!

After that, Grandma Chang, Andrew's grandma, took us to eat at Zippy's. Simple local fare, no doubt, but still good. Zip Pac's are hard to come by in the 'Ville, no doubt. Last night she took us out to eat some Korean food. I finished off Will's mixed plate, then ate some of grandma's bi bim kook soo. That was after I polished off the last morsels of the kal bi on my plate. Yum :)

Man...all this talk of food...mmmm...I'm hungry...

posted by Bolo | 10:20 AM
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