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Strangers In the Night

So. Remember that little mention of those guys that are staying in my room for the New Attitude conference? I slept in the same room as they did last night (mine), but I still have virtually no idea what they look like, other than that they are, in fact, guys.

I think.

Why the lack of a face-to-face meeting? It's a mutually exclusive mix of my work and social schedules and their conference schedule, the combination of which has not allowed for any sort of formal introductions. It's strange to me, make no mistake. They're in the room, I'm not; I'm awake, they're sleeping; I'm sleeping, they're awake; I'm in the room, they're not. Who are these mystery gentlemen? Do they even have names? I think they do. I have a list of them in an email from John Moody somewhere. They're from Georgia, or so I've heard. A Sovereign Grace church in Georgia, at that.

Over the next 48 hours, they'll occupy my room more than I will. I've not yet met them, and at this rate, I probably never will. I'm leaving in the morning, flying home to Honolulu, and these dudes will be going home to Georgia after this. Am I the only one who is struck by the oddity of it all?

posted by Bolo | 9:45 PM
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