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Same Old Music

I spent a good portion of the day in Pablo's room. During part of that time in my nasally blessed buddy's room, I was doing random things on his computer while listening to a bunch of old songs. Those songs had come from a collection of mine that I'd burned onto CD before I came here over three years ago. As I sat there and listened, I was taken back to various times and places I'd not been to in a long while.

Bebo Norman took on the shape and form of a piece of steel in A Hammer Holds, then sang of the anticipation and foundation of the love between a bride and groom in A Page is Turned. The Smalltown Poets beckoned me to follow them up to the cross of Christ in Beautiful, Scandalous Night, then gave way to The Elms' comedic but bitter ballad, The Big Surprise. Yet above all else, I think hearing The Kry sing Take My Hand was a balm that applied a generous measure of grace to my soul.

I'm constantly surprised to look up and see how much of my life has gone by. I'm not talking about age, either. I mean, it's a rich life, and I'm enjoying it, but it always seems like it's changing. Hmmm.

posted by Bolo | 11:49 PM
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