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Back in the days when I still lived with Dave and Mon, I could often be found in my room on my phone chatting with someone at home in Hawai'i. One one such occasion, when our oldest and undeniably longest-winded sister, Lisa, was on the other end, Mon popped her head into the room. Noticing that I was doing a whole lot of listening, Mon inquired as to whom I was speaking. When I told her that I was speaking to her sister, she asked which one of the four that might be. I further specified Lisa's identity by asking, "How much talking am I doing?" Of course, Mon immediately caught on to my facetious answer ;)

I bring this up because I realized yet again by lengthy experience that we definitely must have some Pocho blood in us somewhere. How do I know this? Lisa took my phone's nearly full battery and drained it to its death tonight. Er, this morning. Whatever. Ok ok, I was talking, too, but still...there are only so many words one can get in when my sister gets on a roll, and believe me, for a fellow Pocho like me to struggle to get a word or two in is quite telling.

Hehehe, try telling her that!

posted by Bolo | 2:58 AM
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